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Footprints in the Sand


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Balancing on the edge of a quarter life crisis, Chris celebrates his birthday drinking nips of whiskey on the beach in the company of his self-absorbed friend David. One nip at a time, David’s contemplation of the meaning of life becomes a predictable, angsty display of emotion. Chris is forced to navigate David’s outburst in a painfully routine scenario for them.


Director's Statement:

Throughout time, society has carved out a place of acceptance for artists that are self-destructive, sensitive and boisterous. These characters are regarded as “sensitive souls” and received with forgiveness and compassion. But this unspoken tolerance is overlooked when the same traits are found in millennials. They are then regarded as spoiled, arrogant and self-entitled.

In Footprints in the Sand, Chris and David - two artists skating a quarter life crisis with an eminent fear of failure - allow us to roll our eyes freely at the preoccupations of Generation Y’s artisanal class. This satirical piece invites you to consider their vulnerability as endearing, as we share a realization that escapes them and most of their generation at large: Their dreams of grandeur are in fact, painfully average.